Animal Industries Division


Animal Industries Division

Tony Frazier, DVM
State Veterinarian
Director, Animal Industries
The Animal Industries Division, under the direction of Dr. Tony Frazier, State Veterinarian, is responsible for the administration of programs to prevent,  eradicate and control diseases of livestock and poultry, as well as assuring that all meat  and meat food products offered for sale to consumers are not adulterated, are wholesome, and are properly marked, labeled, and packaged.

 Other responsibilities include: assuring that all animals imported into Alabama are in  compliance with import requirements, administering the National Poultry Improvement Plan,  providing  diagnostic laboratories, and conducting epidemiological/investigation of disease  outbreaks of livestock and poultry.

The duties and responsibilities of this division are administered by three sections:Animal Health/Poultry, Meat Inspection, and Diagnostic Laboratories.

Forms & Documents

Poultry Premises Rules Rules for poultry premisesDOC20.50 KB03 Mar, 2014
Biosecurity Basics Biosecurity Basics for poultryDOC21.50 KB03 Mar, 2014
Avian_manual manual for management of AI outbreakPDF41.57 KB03 Mar, 2014
Alert: Exotic Newcastle Disease USDA Alert on Exotic Newcastle Disease (END)PDF708.29 KB03 Mar, 2014
Alerta: Enfermedad exotica de Newcastle USDA alerta la enfermedad oxitica de Newcastle (END)PDF845.27 KB03 Mar, 2014
ScrapieTagOrderForm  PDF2.39 MB31 Mar, 2014
Animal Traceability-Premises Registration Form  PDF554.39 KB11 Apr, 2014
CWD Program  PDF1.90 MB14 Apr, 2014
EQUINE EVENT PERMIT with pictures  DOC496.50 KB04 Jun, 2014
CWD Monitoring Program  PDF1.90 MB23 Jan, 2015
Publication  PDF364.43 KB19 Jul, 2016
Publication  PDF364.43 KB31 Aug, 2015
Livestock Market Inspection Report  PDF540.02 KB07 Jul, 2016

Division Contacts

State Veterinarian's Office Division
Phone: 334-240-7255 ext. 1
Fax: 334-240-7198

Animal Health
Phone: 334-240-7255 ext. 2
Fax: 334-240-7167

1445 Federal Drive
Montgomery, AL 36107

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