Animal Disease Traceability

The Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries recently passed the Animal Disease Traceability Rule (80-3-6-40), and will become effective January 1, 2013. Protecting Alabama’s agriculture by safeguarding animal health and productivity is vital to the people of Alabama. Healthy livestock is one component to providing the public a safe, affordable and wholesome food supply. Preventing the introduction of foreign animal disease that harm both livestock and the livelihoods of producers also creates economic stability and opportunity. While producers and farmers work hard to protect their animals and their livelihoods, there is no guarantee their animals will be spared from disease; disease events can happen accidentally or intentionally. Rapid response systems minimize economic impact when disease enter this country and disrupt the movement of livestock. This rule will help rapidly trace animals in the event of a potential livestock disease outbreak. This will also position producers to take advantage of any possible export markets. 
Official ID is required for cattle, 18 months of age or older at change of ownership; all female dairy cattle; cattle and bison used in rodeo, show, exhibition or recreational events. Exemptions to the rule are cattle less than 18 months of age and cattle sold for slaughter purposes. The approved official ID can be the original Brucellosis silver metal ear tag, which is distributed by AL State Veterinarian; Brucellosis vaccination orange metal ear tag for heifers distributed by the AL State Veterinarian or USDA/APHIS/VS; and Electronic Identification (EID) purchased through approved animal identification number (AIN) manager or distributor. 
For more information, contact Dr. Tony Frazier, State Veterinarian, at 334-240-7253. 
If you are interested in ordering silver metal ear tags, contact Pam Thomas at 334-240-7253 or

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