Executive Division


Executive Division

The Executive Division handles the administrative functions for the department. It's responsibilities include: accounting, payroll, budgeting, personnel services, purchasing, vehicle fleet management, mail services, information technology, investigations, agriculture emergency response, homeland security, legal services, public relations, news releases, petroleum commodities, and the State Veterinarian's office. 

Accounting Section
This section is responsible for the maintenance of financial records, preparation of legislative budget requests and operation plans, processing of revenues and expenditures, employee payroll and leave processing, preparation and distribution of financial reports, monitoring departmental budgets, monitoring state appropriations and federal funds, and determining internal accounting procedures.

General Services Section
This section consists of the Mail Room, Procurement, Supply Room, Grounds Upkeep, Janitorial Services, Property Inventory Management, Interagency Motor Pool, Maintenance of Richard Beard Building including Coliseum Farmers Market and Fairview Farmers Market.

Personnel Section
This section is responsible for coordinating all personnel transactions with the State Personnel Department and maintaining service records of each employee.

Agriculture Emergency Programs
The Agriculture Emergency Programs Section is responsible for ensuring that Alabama agriculture is as secure as possible. This section manages the Agriculture Emergency Operations Center and develops and administers plans, policies, and training programs for the department. This section coordinates activities with other public and private organizations to increase the speed and effectiveness of an Agriculture Emergency Response.

This section also manages the Alabama State Agriculture Response Team (SART), to coordinate and manage agriculture emergencies throughout the state.

Information Technology
The goal of the Alabama Department of Agriculture & Industries Information Technology Section is to provide the department with outstanding service, support, and direction in the area of Information Technology. We are dedicated to bringing the department up to the latest technology standards as quickly and efficiently as possible.




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80-3-6-.39 Bovine Trichomoniasis Clean Copy Code of Ala. 80-3-6-.39DOCX16.76 KB25 Sep, 2015
80-3-6-.39 Bovine Trichomoniasis  DOCX16.76 KB25 Sep, 2015
80-3-18-.02 Prohibition Against Entry Into Alabama  DOCX12.90 KB25 Sep, 2015
80-3-18-.04 Entry Permit Required for Poultry Entering Alabama  DOCX15.03 KB25 Sep, 2015
80-3-18-.05 Certificate of Veterinary Inspection Requirements  DOCX16.50 KB25 Sep, 2015
80-3-18-.08  DOCX12.75 KB25 Sep, 2015
80-3-18.10  DOCX12.80 KB25 Sep, 2015
80-10-5-.06  DOC24.50 KB25 Sep, 2015
80-10-19 (2)  DOCX35.22 KB25 Sep, 2015
11/02/2015: Informational Notice - Clutter  PDF149.50 KB23 Nov, 2015
10/26/2015: Informational Notice - Office 365 Migration  PDF261.30 KB23 Nov, 2015
07/24/2015: Warning Notice - Spam Alert  PDF130.54 KB23 Nov, 2015
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80-7-1-.02  DOCX22.12 KB02 Mar, 2016
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