Several entities oversee, license, and regulate the use, sale, production, transportation, storage, and distribution of alternative fuels in the state of Alabama. Before embarking on any alternative fuel related activities, it is recommended that you contact the appropriate division of each of the following agencies for more information:

Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) - Persons or companies interested in the production for use or for sale of alternative fuels should contact the ADEM Air Division for information and direction on how to proceed. Mr. Wes Thornhill is the initial contact for this information, and can be reached at 334-271-7887 or via email at

Alabama Department of Revenue (ADOR), The Alabama Department of Revenue is responsible for administering Alabama’s fuel tax laws and collecting state fuel excise taxes. Alternative fuels such as E85 and biodiesel are considered taxable gasoline and motor fuel products. Any person, before engaging in the business of producing, selling, distributing or withdrawing from storage gasoline or motor fuel in Alabama, must make application to the ADOR to engage in such a business as a licensed distributor. Evidence of a surety bond, based upon the average monthly excise tax liability, must be provided to the ADOR before a license is issued. Licensed distributors are required to file monthly fuel tax returns with the ADOR. This includes any person producing alternative fuel for personal use.

For more information, contact:

Alabama Department of Revenue
Sales, Use & Business Tax Division
Motor Fuels Section
P.O. Box 327540
Montgomery, AL 36132-7540
Telephone: (334) 242-9608
FAX: (334) 242-1199
Web site: 

Alabama Department of Agriculture & Industries (ADAI), Waste Grease Haulers/Handlers are required by State and Federal laws to be registered with the Department of Agriculture & Industries (ADAI). For more information please call the ADAI Compliance Division at (334) 240-7210.

Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB)link - TTB is the Federal agency that administers laws and regulations pertaining to alcohol production and use. *Please Note: The TTB has recently clarified it's position on the production of alcohol and the use of alcohol production byproducts. Read more of this clarification here...

Summary of State & Federal Laws & Incentiveslink - Database of state and federal laws and incentives related to alternative fuels and vehicles, air quality, fuel efficiency, and other transportation-related topics.