Alternative Fueling Station Locator - AFSL Link - Search for stations offering biodiesel, E85, electricity, CNG, LP, hydrogen, and LNG. The results are displayed in a map with details on each station.

Where To Buy Biodiesel - click here - List of biodesel retail locations in Alabama

Alabama Biodiesel Corporation, - Alabama Biodiesel is an Alabama producer and marketer of biodiesel products. Alabama Biodiesel Corporation biodiesel is produced from soybean oil that is grown and refined in the USA.

Biodiesel Logic, - A provider of biodiesel processing equipment for small to medium scale biodiesel production.  Biodiesel Logic also provides training for the installation and operation of biodiesel processing equipment.

Independence Renewable Energy Corporation (IREC), Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, IREC's new Claiborne refinery with produce up to 40 million gallons of biodiesel annually. Biodiesel is a renewable fuel that can be made from vegetable oils and animal fats. In their new Claiborne biodiesel plant will use soybean oil to produce the fuel, and it is expected to use more than 26 million bushels of soybeans a year. The Claiborne refinery’s biodiesel will be sold to local distributors and mixed with petroleum diesel to make different fuel grades for consumers.

Merritt - Distributor of BioDiesel to retail locations in Alabama and throughout the southeast. Merritt Oil offers blends of BioDiesel from B1 to B99.9 to convenience stores and truck stops, marinas, farms, and trucking companies, among others.

Research Solvents & - Research Solvents & Chemicals, is an Alabama-based supplier of methanol, one of the key raw materials used in the production of biodiesel.

Utah Biodiesel - Offering kits, supplies, and educational information on producing Biodiesel on a small scale.


Soybean Oil Wanted - Universal Bioenergy North America of Nettleton, Mississippi is seeking extrusion plants located in Alabama or the southeastern United States to source Soybean Oil. Please contact Traci Plaxico at 1-662-963-3333.