State Agricultural Response Team

The Alabama State Agricultural Response Team (SART) is an interagency, coordinated effort dedicated to effectively communicating and planning for agriculturally-related emergencies and disasters that will occur within the State of Alabama. The team’s mission is to develop and implement procedures and train participants to facilitate a safe, environmentally sound and efficient response to agricultural emergencies on the county, regional, and state levels.

SART Mission Statement

Empower Alabamians through training and resources to enhance animal and agriculture disaster response, and to promote the coordination and cooperation between agriculture stakeholders.


  • Manage agriculture emergencies with prompt, efficient, and appropriate response and recovery.
  • Promote the establishment of agriculture liaisons with local EMA officers.

  • Provide assistance in the development and writing of agriculture emergency plans.

  • Promote the establishment of state, regional and county level response teams.

  • Provide a comprehensive training program for SART and agriculturally-related personnel.

  • Identify county resources available for an emergency or disaster.

  • Promote counties to work at a local & regional levels for mutual aid.

  • Establish & utilize a GIS system to facilitate emergency planning & response.

Alabama State Agriculture Response Team

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