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Following are the guidelines for advertising in the classified section of the Alabama Farmers and Consumers Bulletin. Adherence to these rules will ensure quick processing of ads.  All ads that do not meet the following guidelines will be returned.


1.  Only those ads which pertain to agricultural or forestry products and to those items employed in the actual growth, harvesting and disposal of such products will be accepted.
2.  Ads should be typed or printed.  Those ads that are not legible will be returned. 
3.  Ads must be limited to 20 words.  This does not include name, address or phone number.
4.  Ads must include name, address, city, zip code, area code/phone number and county, no “Farm Names or Work Names/Addresses.” Only two phone numbers will be listed. Due to the number of character spaces required for most E-mail addresses, an advertiser must select either a resident address or an E-mail address. Both cannot be printed.           
5.  Only paid subscribers are permitted to advertise in the BULLETIN
6.  Paid subscribers can submit more than one advertisement per category per month but each advertisement is still limited to 20 words.  
7.  Ads for the classified section will not be accepted from dealers, merchants or commercial establishments.
8.  Ads received by fax or e-mail must be received by 5:00 p.m. on the 10th day of the month and ads received by regular mail must be postmarked by 5:00 p.m. on the 12th day of the month in order to appear in the following month's issue.  The e-mail address is and the fax number is 334/240-7169.  
9.  Ads which are to be repeated must be submitted for each issue.
10. Land advertised/wanted must be minimum of 10 acres or more.  Ads will not be accepted from dealers or persons selling land on a commission basis.  Information on housing should be limited. Ads should reflect descriptions of the land/farm.
11. Only livestock (herding/working) dogs will be published in the BULLETIN.
12. Instructional material cannot be advertised in the BULLETIN.
13. Ads will be accepted for agricultural work only.  Ads for household, nursing or companionship will not be accepted. 
14. Ads to exchange one item for another item will be accepted only when both items being exchanged relate to agriculture. Ads for cars, boats, mobile homes, etc. will not be accepted as an exchange for agricultural items.
15. Prices must be included with all items offered for sale. Price ranges may be used in certain ads; for example, due to age, weight, etc. cattle can be advertised as $1,200-$1,500.
16. We will only advertise birds listed in the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) book. Notices from poultry dealers, order buyers or persons selling on commission cannot be accepted. Please note: Psittacine birds and pigeons are NOT listed in the NPIP book. Any questions concerning the NPIP should be directed to the Poultry Section at 334/240-7255 ext. 4.

Advertisements in the BULLETIN are published on a first come, first serve basis.  It is to the advertiser’s advantage to submit their items as soon as possible.  While the BULLETIN does not assume responsibility for transactions resulting from the use of this publication, all means of preventing fraud will be exercised.  Misrepresentation will result in the revocation of all privileges. For questions concerning the guidelines, please e-mail


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Ads are limited to 20 words each, ads must be received by the 10th of the month if submitted by fax and email and by the 12th of the month if submitted by mail. All ads must have the subscriber’s name, address, telephone number and county in order to be accepted. Should you need to make changes to your ad after submitting it, please contact Erica West at 251-473-6269 ext. 123 or email at


Mail:                                                                                     Email:

Alabama Farmers & Consumers Bulletin      

Attn: Ad Department

P.O. Box 3336                                                                        Fax:

Montgomery, AL 36109-0336                                        334-240-7169

Event announcements must be received no later than the 15th of the month to appear in the following month’s issue. For questions, contact Erica West at 251-473-6269 ext. 123 or email at