Industrial Hemp


How does ADAI regulate industrial hemp?

We regulate industrial hemp through oversight of seed acquisition, plant material transportation, and random sampling of industrial hemp crops to monitor THC levels.

When will industrial hemp be available to private growers?

Permits for private growers are not available at this time. The purpose of the pilot program is to increase the understanding of how industrial hemp fits into the current agricultural landscape, and investigate how it may contribute to Alabama’s economy. After analyzing the information provided by the pilot program, ADAI will begin issuing limited opportunities for private growers to get involved.

Does an industrial hemp license exempt participants from complying with state and federal laws related to marijuana?

No. A hemp license only authorizes its holder to grow or process industrial hemp within the bounds of ADAI’s hemp program or the university’s research program. All state and federal laws pertaining to marijuana still apply, and licensees may be prosecuted for violating those laws.

How do I get seed?

Industrial hemp seed is not currently available domestically within Alabama. Seeds are not available for private growers in Alabama. Seeds are only available for university pilot programs.

Can I use my own industrial hemp seed for planting?

No. All seed used within ADAI’s hemp program must be procured through ADAI. This means growers cannot individually import seed from other states like Washington, Kentucky, or Colorado; and growers cannot use seed from plants grown from certified seed.

Can I grow hemp in my backyard?

No. Under state and federal laws, industrial hemp growers must be issued a license to participate in the industrial hemp pilot program. 

Is there a processor for harvested hemp material in Alabama?

No. Currently there are no licensed processors in our boundaries.

Is the industrial hemp pilot program the ground floor for medical marijuana in Alabama?

No. ADAI’s industrial hemp pilot program concerns only industrial hemp with THC levels below 0.3%. All plants with THC levels above that level fall outside the program and will be distroyed. In other words, the industrial hemp pilot program is not related to, nor does it regulate or seek to involve, growth of marijuana for any medical, research, or recreational purposes.

Does ADAI support hemp production?

Yes, ADAI does support the legal production of industrial hemp as a part of the newly created pilot program. ADAI looks forward to information gathered from the research pilot program given the history of this crop in our state. Once the research data is reported, we will begin to see the degree of feasibility and marketability of the crop.