Laws & Regulations


Chapter 25 of Title 2 Code of Alabama (1975) Plants and Trees
Chapter 80-10-1 Nursery and Nursery Stock
Chapter 80-10-14 Noxious Weed Rules
Chapter 80-10-6 Imported Fire Ant Quarantine
Chapter 80-10-4 Japanese Beetle Quarantine
Chapter 80-10-7 Phony Peach Disease Quarantine
Chapter 80-10-8 Brown Garden Snail Quarantine
Chapter 80-10-10 St Augustine Grass Decline Virus Quarantine
Chapter 80-10-15 Rules for Pine Shoot Beetle Quarantine
Chapter 80-10-2 Certification of Sweet Potato Seed and Plants
Chapter 80-10-5 Sweet Potato Weevil Quarantine
Article 6, Ch 19, Title 2 Code of Alabama Boll Weevil Eradication
Chapter 80-10-12 Boll Weevil Quarantine
Article 10 of Chapter 13 Title 9 Code of Alabama Ginseng Protection
Chapter 80-10-13 Ginseng Rules
Chapter 80-10-11 Honey Bees and Apiaries