Industrial Hemp

2020 Alabama Hemp Program Update



DO NOT order, pay for, or receive any hemp material until you have submitted and received approval for any Seed/Propagule Acquisition Requests.  If you have done this already, you are out of compliance and it is important that you contact the Hemp Program manager immediately to find out what has to happen for you to regain compliant status.



All licensed grower applicants will be submitting Seed/Propagule Acquisition Request Forms to ADAI for review and approval before they are allowed to order, pay for, and receive any hemp material.

     Supporting documents required to be submitted with the Seed/Propagule Acquisition Request Forms are:

     1)  A copy of the hemp source’s hemp license in the state they operate in.

     2)  Seed sources are required to provide copies of a) seed dealer permit in the state they operate in, AND, b) the AL Seed Dealer permit.

     3)  A COA for each variety intending to purchase from the source.  COAs have to show that the analysis was done for the source – not another source or company. The document also has to have the date of analysis, the lab that completed the analysis, the variety name.

 For each source the grower intends purchases from, a separate Seed/Propagule Acquisition Form has to be completed and submitted with all required supporting documents.

 The licensed grower is responsible for obtaining all supporting documents from their sources and submitting those documents with their request form(s).  DO NOT ask the sources to email those documents to ADAI.

 Do not expect to make a complete transaction is a couple days!  Allow time for the review – correcting any incomplete or incorrect documents – and receipt of the approval email from ADAI. 


 2020 GROW PLANSubmit to ADAI via email (or mail – but not both!) on or before April 30, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. CST. 

The Grow Plan is just that – a plan – or your intentions for growing hemp in Alabama for 2020. 
Complete the form with all of the information you have available at the time of submission – but do not leave any blanks! You are required to provide the information requested as well as any other information you feel is important to your plan for the year. Explain any areas that you do not currently have information for.  Use extra pages if needed.

   If you are unable to provide all of the information on the form before you submit the plan before April 30, 2020:

      1)  You are required to email an updated form to ADAI no later than May 15, 2020.

      2)  Any changes or amendments to the initial grow plan are required to be emailed to ADAI as they happen.

 All growers, indoor and outdoor, will be required to have green plants growing at their sites before July 31, 2020.  This means that if you are using seeds, you need to plant your first seeds in time to allow green seedlings or plants to be in the grow site and growing by that date.  If you are a first time outdoor grower and you do not have green plants up and growing by that date, ADAI will need to know why, and what immediate plans you have to grow as this delayed planting will affect your crop in 2020. 

GROW STATUS REPORT – ADAI will email all growers requesting this status report

All growers will be required to respond to an emailed status report request as to growing activities by August 1, 2020. At the time of your status report, if you determine that you will not be growing for 2020, you will receive a certified letter voiding your 2020 grower license.  This will nullify your grow status for the rest of the season; however, in no way will this negatively impact your ability to apply for, and obtain future grower licenses in Alabama.  If you have questions about this process, contact the Hemp Program manager.


     All additions or amendments are required to be submitted, approved and paid for by 5:00 p.m. CST on July 31, 2020No additional sites will be approved after this date.


The applications are designed to provide sufficient instructions for completion by any individual who would be prepared to participate in the industrial hemp research pilot program. The applications include a broad understanding of the program, but applicants should read the  regulations for complete details.  The regulations can be found under “Resources” on the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries (ADAI) website industrial hemp program page.

Please make sure to fully review all application instructions and regulations prior to contacting hemp staff with questions.  All applicants for grower and processor permits, including university researchers, should fully understand the administrative regulations.

ADAI is not in the position to offer direct consultation on completing a license application or to educate individuals about the production of industrial hemp. 

All costs associated with the research are the responsibility of the license holder, including both profits and loss. There are no sources of funding from ADAI to cover any aspect of research projects. Potential applicants should understand that at the present time it is likely that they may suffer a loss on the industrial hemp crop. Limited production knowledge combined with an uncertain federal regulatory environment and unstable pricing creates significant risk for the participant. The focus of this program is the collection of research data and learning through experience.

Applicants should understand that there is an inherent risk associated with participation in a research program focusing on a new crop. The program participant bears sole responsibility for financial or other losses that may result from participation in ADAI’s industrial hemp research pilot program.  ADAI is not responsible for reimbursing or compensating program participants for any loss resulting from their involvement with ADAI’s program, and program participants waive any right to seek compensation for the value of such losses.