Announcement: Impact of State Funding Crisis on the Diagnostic Laboratories

The 15% proration declared for the remainder of fiscal year 2011, and the 30% proration anticipated for FY 12 are deeply affecting the Department of Agriculture and Industries.  The diagnostic laboratories were largely spared layoffs, but two employees were lost at the Auburn lab (IT manager and necropsy technician). Pending legislative approval, furloughs remain a possibility and will effectively reduce staffing at all laboratories. We are working with the State Veterinarian’s office to offset additional budget shortages that could affect laboratory operations.  While we endeavor to provide uninterrupted service of high quality, some changes will quickly take effect and impact laboratory users.

Beginning April 29th, submission of animals and other specimens for testing after 5:00 P.M on weekdays, and on weekends and holidays will no longer be available at the Auburn laboratory.   

To reduce printing costs and postage, we prefer to email as many case results as possible. Please provide a reporting email address on the submission form, and provide any conditions or preferences.

A new User Fee Schedule was approved and became effective on Monday, April 11, 2011.  The new fee schedule is available at: Revised Fee Schedule (PDF) .

Notable changes are as follows.

  • An accession fee of $10 applies to each case involving animals or specimens from Alabama, including livestock and poultry, and a fee of $30 applies to animals or specimens from out-of-state.
  • For livestock and poultry, fees now apply to diagnostic cases, including
    • Necropsy and tissue submissions;
    • Serology fees for livestock, milk cultures, BVD ear notch specimen kit and shipping; 
    • Increased fees for poultry monitoring and surveillance tests (NPIP programs); and
    • Chick culture and serology, and hatchery plates.
  • The Necropsy fee is still inclusive of ancillary testing (histopathology, microbiology, toxicology); however, subcontracted testing may incur additional fees.
  • Charges for subcontracted testing and shipping are passed-on to the client (veterinarian, owner, or company), unless otherwise instructed. If additional fees will be generated, the client will be notified for permission to proceed before subcontracted testing is initiated.
  • Histopathology and Cytology. Biopsy, cytology, and multiple tissue case fees are applied with increased consideration of the number slides required to process the specimen.
  • Bacteriology and Mycology. The fees are applied with increased consideration of the number of specimens received. 
  • Toxicology fees are increased and now itemized.
  • Serology fees are increased.  
  • The Coggin’s test (EIA test) fee for a privately owned horse is increased, and stockyard tests are now charged. A fax fee for Coggin’s test results is added.
  • Disposal fees apply to necropsy cases from out of state.
  • Honey bee testing is now charged.