Foreign or exotic animal diseases are often presented as clinical disease conditions that do not respond to therapy.  Report to your State or Federal veterinarian any suspicious clinical or necropsy findings, including a history of the diseased animal’s recent contact with either people or animals recently returned from a foreign country or any disease of unknown etiology causing high mortality and/or morbidity. 

Suspicious disease conditions that should be reported to your State or Federal veterinarian arevesicular diseases, mucosal diseases, hemorrhagic septicemia, “abortion storms” of unknown etiology, central nervous system or undiagnosed encephalitic conditions, unusual numbers of acute deaths, avian disease with acute deaths and/or central nervous system conditions, severe respiratory conditions, pox or lumpy skin conditions, and unusual myiasis or acariasis (exotic flies, mites, ticks, etc.).

The following is a list of certain foreign diseases more apt to be introduced into the United Statesand those domestic conditions that occur which are reportable and where a diagnosis must be made. Veterinarians encountering any of these conditions or other reportable diseases as listed in the Accredited Veterinarians Manual should report promptly by phone to the State Veterinarian 334-240-7253 or  Federal (USDA) Assistant District Director (AL/TN) 615-781-5310 (after hours 1-866-536-7593) . Emerging diseases or other conditions may be added to this list as determined by the State Veterinarian.

List of reportable diseases.

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