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The Division of weights and Measures Inspects and regulates weighing and measuring devices used commercially throughout the State of Alabama. The Division is a consumer protection division and takes complaints alleging problems with determinations of quantity and quality in commercial transactions including,

  • metered devices (gas pumps)
  • weighing devices including scales used in direct sale (cash register scales, scanning scales, deli scales, livestock scales, railroad scale, vehicle scales, etc.)
  • packaged commodities (net packaging weight)
  • price verification
The weight and/or price should always start on 00.00. The Division also issues licenses and permits for the owners such as Registered Service Technicians, Public Weighmaster, Device Registrations, Gasoline, Kerosene, and Other Liquid Fuel Permits, Brake Fluid Permit, and Lubricating Oil Permit.


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Weights & Measures
1445 Federal Drive, Montgomery, AL 36107
Main: (334) 240-7133 Fax: (334) 240-7175 
Lab: (334) 240-3729 
(To schedule appointments with the lab or recieve calibration reports) 
E-mail: wm@agi.alabama.gov


Condemned for Repairs (Red Tag) - Under the Authority of the State of Alabama, this device has been removed from service. It does not meet specification or tolerances required by state regulation. Use of this device subjects the offender to penalties provided by The Alabama State Law. 


Notice of Stop Sale (Orange Tag) - Under the authority of the State of Alabama a stop sale has been issued for this product by an inspector of the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries. This product has been inspected and found to be in violation of state and (or) federal law. Removing the seal or selling of this product without release by the Weights and Measures division is a violation of state law and subjects the offender to penalties provided by these laws.


1445 Federal Drive
Montgomery, AL 36107
Main: (334) 240-7133
Fax: 334-240-7175 
Lab: (334) 240-3729
(To schedule appointments with the lab or receive calibration reports) 
E-mail: wm@agi.alabama.gov

Stacy Boshell  - DIRECTOR 

State of Alabama Agriculture & Industries Weights and Measures APPROVED stickers for Pumps and Scales

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