Farm To School

In an effort to strengthen the support for farmers and to provide a useful tool for schools, agricultural partners in Alabama have created direct selling opportunities for farmers and a useful tool for schools to search for local farmers.

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Sweet Corn Day at Carbon Hill Elementary 

As kids at Carbon Hill Elementary munched on sweet corn, they had a visit from the farmer that grew their food. McKenzie Farms, a local sweet corn farm, supplied shucked sweet corn to the lunchroom for students to eat for lunch! After lunch, each child learned how to shuck an ear of sweet corn, guided by the farmer himself. 🌽

  • Apple Crunch Day at Scott’s Orchard

    Apple Crunch Day 2017 

    2017 – A giant crunch was heard on Apple Crunch Day when students took a big bite into a local apple.  Kids and adults from North Alabama to South Alabama joined in the fun of crunching apples grown by Scott’s Orchard in Hazel Green, Alabama.  Scott's Orchard supplies schools across the state with apples grown in Alabama.

  • Persimmon Taste Test at Coffee County Schools

    Persimmon Taste Test at Coffee County Schools

    2017 – Farmer Earl Johnson brought a sweet surprise to elementary students at Kinston Elementary School this week.  Slices of persimmons lay on the table for students to try before heading into the lunch room.  Some students weren't sure of the new fruit at first, but after taking a nibble, students said it tasted just like candy!  Students who liked the fruit could add persimmons onto their school lunch tray.   

  • Local Blueberries at Monroeville Elementary School

    2016 – Simply Southern traveled to Monroeville, AL to feature local blueberries being served to students at Monroeville Elementary School. 

  • Healthy Habits Take Root

    Find out more about the Farm to School Program and how your school can get started in this USDA Farm to School Video - Healthy Habits Take Root.  

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