Farm To School

In an effort to strengthen the support for farmers and to provide a useful tool for schools, agricultural partners in Alabama have created direct selling opportunities for farmers and a useful tool for schools to search for local farmers.

Cafeteria Staff Fun Crunch ACD_13

Apple Crunch Day was held at Scott's Orchard in Hazel Green, AL.  Scott's Orchard grows 18 varieties of apples on the Tennessee border.  Scott's Orchard is known as a generational family farm that makes excellent apple cider. 

On Apple Crunch Day, in Auburn, Alabama's Miss Outstanding Teen made an appearance at Pick Elementary School cruising through the halls with a cart full of red, shiny apples.  Miss Jessica Baeder visited fourth grade homeroom classes to share her passion for healthy eating and exercise. Students munched on apples while listening about each other’s favorite fruits, vegetables, and activities.