Farm To School

In an effort to strengthen the support for farmers and to provide a useful tool for schools, agricultural partners in Alabama have created direct selling opportunities for farmers and a useful tool for schools to search for local farmers.

During the 2020 Legislative Session, the general budget that passed and was ultimately signed by Governor Ivey, included $120,000 dollars specifically for Farm to School. These funds were set aside to help incentivize those who are serving Alabama produced items in their Child Nutrition Programs. This was the first year funds like these had been offered.  Then in the 2021 Session, the budget passed and was signed for $220,000 with some slight changes to the program.

When a school serves a meal component item that was sourced from Alabama, they can be reimbursed $.20 per meal component. Another words, if a school is offering Alabama satsumas as their fruit offering for a particular meal, every meal served that includes a satsuma will receive an additional $.20.  If the school is featuring satsumas and sweet potatoes from Alabama, that's $.40 per meal.  AND if the school also features a meat item such as sausage, beef, or chicken from Alabama, that's $.60 per tray.  Of course, this does exclude DoD and commodity purchase because they are already funding by USDA. This program is designed to offset the amount of money you spend with your general funds on local food items purchased.

At the end of each month, school food authorities will submit a completed “Incentive Form”, their monthly point of service meal counts (tally sheets are acceptable) and invoice(s) matching what they are claiming. Once everything is received and verified in our office, we will submit for payment to be sent to the respective school food authority. This information should be sent to Beth Spratt via email at

*School food authorities should submit the “Incentive Form” using the exact name that appears in STAARS to ensure accurate and efficient disbursement of funds.
**School food authorities must submit at lease $500 for a claim to be paid.
***There is a limit per school food authority of $25,000.

Incentive Form Information

To learn more about how this program works and how to complete the "Incentive Form", click HERE to watch a short video including macros and HERE to watch a video without macros.

Farm to School Incentive Flyer

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