Alabama Hay Import Precautions:

Various types of hay can be carriers of plant pests and diseases, as well as weeds that are harmful to crops and native plants.  For more information about restrictions on hay movement, please contact the Plant Protection Division at 334-270-7225.  

Please note that baled hay and straw stored in direct contact with the ground are regulated articles under the state and federal imported fire ant (IFA) quarantines. All hay and straw imported into Alabama requires a certificate of quarantine compliance (CQC) or a state phytosanitary certificate from the state agricultural regulatory agency stating that the hay or straw originated from an IFA-free area, or was not stored in direct contact with the ground and that visual inspection of the hay did not reveal the presence of fire ants.  In addition, the CQC or state phytosanitary certificate must certify that the hay originated in an area not known to be infested with weeds on the federal or Alabama state noxious weed lists.  Information on IFA quarantine requirements and state and federal noxious weed lists can be found on the National Plant Board website at

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