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Department of Agriculture & Industries welcomes new Director of State Veterinary Diagnostic Lab System

Jul 01, 2014

The Department of Agriculture and Industries officially welcomes Dr. David Pugh as the Director of the State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory System.  Dr. Pugh comes to us from the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine and is one of the first charter parasitologists of the American College of Veterinary Microbiologists.  He earned his BSA,  DVM, and  MS degrees from the University of Georgia, and his MAg in Agricultural Entomology (External Parasites) from Auburn University. He received post-DVM training at Virginia Tech (Equine Clinical Nutrition) and Texas A & M University (Theriogenology). He is a Diplomat of the American College of Theriogenology (1986), the American College of Veterinary Nutrition (1992), and the American College of Veterinary Microbiology (Parasitology 2011).

 Dr. Pugh was a large animal practitioner for 5 years in Georgia, and has held faculty positions at the University of Georgia and Auburn University. During his academic career he has taught clinical nutrition and parasitology for horses, cows, and small ruminants, and was a clinician in ambulatory medicine and theriogenology. He was also a Technical Services Veterinarian for Fort Dodge Animal Health and Pfizer Animal Health, and recently, was the Project Veterinarian & Director of Operations for the Auburn Equine Source Plasma Project. He is the author of a total of  over 600 publications (including peer reviewed, proceedings, book chapters, extension bulletins, abstracts, etc).  Dr. Pugh has received five university and four national awards for teaching, and was the 2006 recipient of the AM Mills Award for contributions to Veterinary Medicine. He has served on various committees for the American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners, the Society for Theriogenology, the College of Theriogenology, the American College of Veterinary Nutrition, and the National Research Council, Nutrient Requirement Committee, and the American Academy of Veterinary Parasitologists.

Commissioner John McMillan stated, “We are fortunate to have someone with such outstanding qualifications and expertise join our staff to serve in the role as Director of the State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory System. We look forward to many years of exceptional direction and leadership by Dr. Pugh.”

 The department’s veterinary diagnostic laboratories identify and investigate diseases of livestock, poultry, wildlife, and companion animals. The diagnostic laboratories perform special tests not available at most veterinary practices, such as necropsy (animal autopsy), microscopic examination of tissues, culture for pathogenic bacteria and viruses, testing of blood and serum, and analysis for poisons. Dr. Pugh will supervise the department’s four diagnostic laboratories across the state, a central laboratory in Auburn and regional laboratories in Boaz, Elba and Hanceville. The Thompson-Bishop-Sparks State Diagnostic Laboratory in Auburn is a member of the USDA National Animal Health Laboratory Network (NAHLN).

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