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Department Accepting Century & Heritage Farm and Bicentennial Farm Applications

Jun 12, 2020



MONTGOMERY, Ala. -- The Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries (ADAI) is accepting applications for the annual Century and Heritage (C & H) Farm and Bicentennial Farm programs. The purpose of both programs is to recognize family farms that have played a significant role in Alabama's history.

A Century Farm is one that has been in the same family continuously for at least 100 years and currently has agricultural activities on the farm. The farm must include at least 40 acres of land and be owned by the applicant or nominee.

A Heritage Farm is one that has been operated continuously as a family farm for at least 100 years. The farm must possess interesting and important historical and agricultural aspects, including one or more structures at least 40 years old. The farm must also include at least 40 acres of land owned and operated by the applicant, who must reside in Alabama. To date, almost 700 farms across the state have been recognized by the C & H Farm program.

The ADAI is also accepting applications for the Bicentennial Farm program. On December 14, 2019, our state officially observed its 200th birthday. Agriculture is an integral part of our state’s history and the love of the land demonstrated by these families deserves recognition.

The Bicentennial Farm program honors family farms that have remained in the same family for 200 years. To date, only eight farms in the state have been recognized by this program.

A Bicentennial Farm must currently have agricultural activities, be at least 40 acres in size and owned by an Alabama resident. Applicants for the program are required to complete a registration form that traces the family property ownership and includes a description of agricultural activities that took place. The application also requests photos be included of any structures that remain on the property that are 40 years old or older, even though structures are not required to qualify for the program.

If your farm meets the qualifications for the 2020 C & H Farm program or 2020 Bicentennial Farm program, contact Amy Belcher at 334/240-7126 or by email to receive an application. A copy of both applications are attached to this release and are also available on the department’s website under the “Forms” tab, Select either “Bicentennial Farm” or “Century & Heritage Farm.”  All applicants must complete the appropriate Ownership Registration Form and return it to the ADAI by August 28, 2020. 

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