Since last October, we have worked diligently to improve and sustain the Alabama Farmers and Consumers Bulletin (AFCB). Even with continuous effort, the publication has lost 1/3 of its subscribers in the past year. The publication was unable to break even and lost a considerable amount of money.

We sincerely appreciate the support from advertisers, subscribers and classified advertisers. It has been an honor to provide this service to Alabama farmers and consumers for many years.

What's Next.....


Classifieds Available On-line

Starting November 1, 2020, the classified advertisement section of the AFCB will be available at free of charge. The layout will be in a slightly different format, but the content will be the same. New monthly classified advertisements will be published on the 1st day of the month.

Submitting Classifieds Advertisements

For now classified advertisers can submit ads by email to

We will try to continue to provide classified ads on our website as long as practical. Thank you for your understanding as we navigate this new service.