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The Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries submitted 24(c) labeling for all products containing dicamba intended to be used in conjunction with dicamba tolerant crops.

Private Applicator Training

Private Applicator Training

A Private Applicator uses or supervises the use of any restricted use pesticide for producing any agricultural commodity on property owned or rented or on the property of another person if applied without compensation.

Endangered Species

Endangered Species Information

See the latest bulletins and information regarding pesticide use.

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Our Mission

The Pesticide Management Section regulates individuals or companies that sell, use, or supervise the use of restricted use pesticides, engage in the commercial application of pesticides, and structural pest control or horticultural activities.

For more information on regulatory governance of pesticides and related activities, please refer to this page: Pesticide Rules and Regulations   (These references are not all-inclusive, but are made available for convenience and meant to serve as a "starting point" for further inquiry.)

Pesticide Residue Lab

The Pesticide Residue Laboratory located in Auburn was established to provide reliable analyses of raw agricultural products, processed agricultural products, and materials used in the production of agricultural products for the presence of harmful pesticide residues. Information obtained by the lab is used to protect public health, monitor agricultural commodities for the presence of harmful pesticide residues, protect and expand Alabama's agricultural markets, and protect the environment. Samples submitted to the lab for analysis include eggs, milk, poultry, beef, fish, vegetables, water, soil, and value-added foods.

The lab operates two testing programs. The Request Program involves samples of an unusual nature, difficult chemistry, or samples with legal implications. The Monitoring Program collects and analyzes samples of agricultural commodities from across the state. The information obtained from these samples is used to protect consumers and maintain the competitiveness of Alabama's farmers.

Address: 1001 Wire Road Auburn, AL 36832

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