Divisions & Departments

Executive Division

Managerial, Administrative, & Support functions including: Commissioner's Office, Media Services, Accounting, General Services, Personnel, Information Technology

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Agriculture Compliance

Agriculture Compliance is responsible for many areas of Alabama Agriculture. We inspect feed, seed, fertilizer and agricultural lime; Yearly BSE Inspections; Stockyards and Brands; issue Seed Permits as well as Certificates of Free Sale. 

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Animal Industries

Animal health is continuously conducting research and monitoring to protect threats to our Nation's food supply economy.

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Audits & Reports

Written opinion of an auditor regarding an entity's financial statements.

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Emergency Programs

Provide the full resources of the Alabama Department of Agriculture & Industries to support the State of Alabama in any emergency situation.

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Farmers Market Authority

To promote direct marketing avenues for Alabama agriculture products and advocate for the interest and respond to the needs of farmers markets and direct market farmers.

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Food Safety

The Food Safety Section's responsibilities are primarily regulatory in nature and serve to assure safe quality products for our Alabama consumers.

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AFSIS: Alabama Federal-State Inspection Service

Our responsibility is to provide honest and impartial inspections and audits to members of Alabama’s agriculture industry. Sampling and grading harvests. 

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Gins & Warehouses

Issues permits for public warehouses, grain dealers, cotton merchants and cotton gins as well as performing audits of all public warehouses and grain dealers and inspects all cotton gins.

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The agriculture law division is directed toward the prevention of potential lawsuits against the department and personnel including the provision of legal, legislative and administrative counsel. 

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Livestock Market News

To compile and disseminate information that will aid producers, consumers, and distributors in the sale and purchase of livestock, meat, poultry, eggs, grains, and their related products.

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Mediation Program

The Alabama Agricultural Mediation Program is a USDA - certified state program that offers mediation services to Alabama Agricultural farmers, their creditors, and USDA Agencies.

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Pesticide Management

Regulates individuals or companies that sell, use, or supervise the use of restricted use pesticides, engage in the commercial application of pesticides, and structural pest control or horticultural activities.

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Petroleum Commodities

Collects inspection fees on petroleum products sold, stored, used or offered for sale in the state.

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Plant Protection

A key component of the Plant Protection Section's mission is the early detection, control and/or eradication of harmful exotic plant pest and noxious weed introductions.

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Seed Lab

To inspect seeds for farmers, seed dealers and the Alabama DOT to insure that the maximum yield can be achieved. 

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Veterinary Diagnostic Labs

Receives animals for practices and test samples for better animal health.

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Weights & Measures

Inspects and regulates weighing and measuring devices used commercially throughout the State of Alabama. The Division is a consumer protection division and takes complaints alleging problems with determinations of quantity and quality in commercial transactions.

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