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This section is responsible for the maintenance of financial records, preparation of legislative budget requests and operation plans, processing of revenues, expenditures, in-state and out of state travel, purchasing, preparation and distribution of financial reports, monitoring departmental budgets, monitoring state appropriations and federal funds and determining internal accounting procedures.

Gwen Barnett
Accounting Director
Ph:  334-240-7112

Melinda Clack
Ph:  334-240-7114 

Rhonda Bryant
Ph:  334-240-7116


Kathy Childree    (Procurement)

Ph:  334-240-7113


Jai Houston    (Accounts Payable)

Accounts Payable Supervisor
Ph:  334-240-7111


James Smith    (Accounts Payable)

Ph:  334-240-7110


Renee Frith    (Accounts Payable)

Ph:  334-240-7153


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