The Alabama Harvest of the Month Program is the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries campaign to promote a different fruit or vegetable each month that is being harvested in Alabama that particular month.

Now we have 12 new Harvest of the Month Lessons Available for you to get and use in your classroom. This would make a total of 24 lessons focused and Alabama’s delicious products.

Harvest of the Month Goals

  • Feature and promote a locally grown fruit or vegetable ("harvest") on the school cafeteria menu each month.
  • Encourage healthy choices and consumption of fruits and vegetables.
  • Increase students' access and exposure to local and seasonal produce.
  • Educate students on nutrition, agriculture, and healthy eating.
  • Support local farmers and increase connections between schools and local producers.

Reasons to Participate

Harvest of the Month allow you to begin a farm to school program or to grow your existing farm to school program. It is an opportunity to generate excitement in students to try a different local product each month in their school meal, and to encourage collaboration between school nutrition program staff, teachers, farmers, and the community.

How to Participate in the Classroom

If you want to provide nutrition education to your students that follows common core teaching standards, including fun activities for them to complete in your class as well as recipe ideas you can either try in class or send home, then the Alabama Harvest of the Month materials are for you! If you are interested in receiving any of our Harvest of the Month Lessons, please the link below to fill out a short survey so we can email you materials.

How to Participate in the Cafeteria

Purchase and serve the local produce item 1-2 times per month on the school menu or as a taste test. Menu ideas include:

  • Fresh, whole piece of fruit
  • As a vegetable choice
  • On a salad bar
  • Added to a recipe
  • Taste Test

Promote the "harvest" item on your school menu, in the cafeteria, and throughout the school. (see below or contact Beth Spratt for materials to help promote the Harvest of the Month product in your cafeteria).