In order to obtain a Custom Applicator License for a company to legally perform custom applicator work in Alabama, one must be certified in a Custom Applicator category.  License applications and insurance forms may be found on this page under "Forms."

Custom applicator categories include the following:

  • Agricultural animal pest control (AA)**
  • Agricultural plant pest control (AP)*/**
  • Agricultural commodity fumigation (ACF)**
  • Aquatic pest control (AQ)*/**
  • Demonstration & research (D&R)
  • Forest pest control (FOR)*/**
  • Metam sewer (MS)
  • Public health pest control (PH)*/**
  • Regulatory (REG)
  • Right of way pest control (ROW)*
  • Wood treatment (WT)

*These categories must test for or reciprocate for mode of application (ground application or aerial application).
**These categories must test for or reciprocate for general standards (GS).

To obtain a Reciprocal Application, please look under "Forms" on the Certification & Testing page.  For more in-depth information regarding custom categories or for information regarding testing in any category, please look under "Links" on our Certification & Testing page.