The Alabama citrus industry has grown significantly in recent years. Alabama’s beautiful backyard citrus and the Alabama citrus industry are vulnerable to various pests and diseases. To protect Alabama’s citrus industry, the Plant Protection Division of the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries (ADAI) enters into an annual cooperative agreement with USDA-APHIS-PPQ to conduct surveys of commercial and residential citrus.

About Us

The ADAI, Division of Plant Protection has authority under Alabama code 2-25-3 to inspect, treat and eradicate invasive pests and diseases that cause harm to plants. Actions necessary to prevent or limit the spread of regulated pests on citrus are required by law in order to protect Alabama’s growing commercial citrus industry.

To protect Alabama’s commercial and residential citrus throughout the state, strict state and federal rules regarding the movement of citrus plants are enforced. These regulations are similar to those in place in other citrus producing states.


Citrus Survey Coordinator - Brittaney Allen
Office: 334-240-7172
Cell: 334-202-1781

Tips to Save Alabama’s Citrus

What to Do

  • Buy citrus plants locally
  • Buy citrus plants from reputable nurseries
  • Share citrus plants only with local friends, family, and neighbors
  • Fertilize trees and watch for signs and symptoms of citrus pests and diseases

What Not to Do

  • Ship or carry citrus plants into Alabama
  • Purchase citrus plants from another state or online
  • Bring citrus plants with you from other states or countries as you travel
  • Graft citrus budwood or clippings from sources that aren’t free from citrus diseases