Under the authority of the State of Alabama, Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries Rick Pate has issued a stop sale order for certain engine lubricating oil.

Laboratory analysis has shown the following products do not comply with the standards adopted by the Alabama Board of Agriculture and Industries. The products listed below have been inspected and found to be in violation of state and (or) federal law.

Xpress Lube Pro 5W-20

Xpress Lube Pro 5W-30

Xpress Lube Pro 10W-40

It is hereby illegal to sell or offer for sale the above-described products in the state of Alabama pursuant to Alabama Code § 8-17-88 and Alabama Code § 2-2-30.

For questions regarding this order, please contact the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries Weights and Measures Division at 334-240-7133 or wm@agi.alabama.gov.