Meat Inspection Section assures the consumer that all meat and meat food products that are sold in Alabama have under gone inspection prior to slaughter, during slaughter and during the process of preparing these products. Inspection assures consumers that at the time the meat food products leave the establishment in which they were produced, they were clean, wholesome, unadulterated and properly labeled.

And Justice FOr all PDF posterThis is the Special Nutrition and Safety (SNAS) and Child Nutrition (CN) Programs version of the “And Justice for All” poster that should be used in offices, schools, and other sites that administer Special Nutrition Programs (including WIC).

The appropriate “And Justice for All” poster is to be prominently displayed in all offices where there is a USDA presence and where it may be read by customers. Please note that institutions participating in or administering USDA programs are required to display the appropriate “And Justice for All” poster in their facilities where it can be viewed by customers. All “And Justice for All” posters must be displayed in a specific size: 11” width x 17” height. The PDF shared here is for the purpose of reference rather than for printing and display.

Dr. Issac Barrett
Associate State Veterinarian
Director, Meat Inspection

Ph. 334-240-7255 ext. 5
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