Animal Disease Traceability UpdateAnimal Disease Traceability Update
Animal Disease Traceability Update, Dr. Tony Frazier, State Veterinarian: For quite sometime now we have been working towards advancing official identification of certain cattle so that we could respond quickly to any disease outbreak. And this year we announced a Time Line that had been proposed by USDA/APHIS/VS that provided for the continued transition away from the metal ear tags to electronic tags. After much discussion we agreed with the Time Line and developed a plan for cattle producers in Alabama.... read more ❯
Alabama Agricultural Stabilization Program
Published 8/2/2020 in Alabama Agriculture & Industries
Alabama Agricultural Stabilization Program
In August, Gov. Kay Ivey awarded $26 Million of CARES Act Funds to assist Alabama Agriculture impacted by COVID-19. Funding will be used to establish the Alabama Agricultural Stabilization Program (AASP). No funds may be utilized for salaries, building projects, or capital improvements. For program information, deadlines and applications please visit: and select "Alabama Agriculture". We hope this message from Commissioner Pate helps explain the Alabama Agriculture Stabilization Program (AASP) and its seven programs. Our goal is to help farmers and agribusinesses impacted... read more ❯
Update on Sheep and Goat Identification and Travel RequirementsUpdate on Sheep and Goat Identification and Travel Requirements
Travel and identification requirements for sheep and goats have changed. Please review the documents linked below for more information: 2.10.2020 ALABAMA Owner Hauler Statement (002) Show Goat Identification Pamphlet New Scrapie Brochure read more ❯
Report Animal Abuse and CrueltyReport Animal Abuse and Cruelty
No animal deserves inhumane treatment. Please report any animal abuse and cruelty online using the following link: Report Animal Abuse and Cruelty read more ❯
Potomac Horse Fever Recently Diagnosed in AlabamaPotomac Horse Fever Recently Diagnosed in Alabama
Potomac Horse Fever (PHF) was originally identified in the late 1970’s as a disease affecting horses in the eastern United States near the Potomac River. However, since then, the disease has been diagnosed in other locations in the United States and Canada, but never in Alabama until recently. For the full newsletter, please click here. read more ❯
Avian Influenza Updates and Helpful InformationAvian Influenza Updates and Helpful Information
Here is the current list of confirmed Low-Pathogenic Avian Influenza in Alabama   County   Farm Type Date Confirmed Positive for LPAI Cullman Commercial 03/22/2017 Madison * Backyard 03/22/2017 Lauderdale * Commercial 03/22/2017 Madison Backyard 03/21/2017 Pickens Commercial 03/21/2017 Jackson Backyard 03/16/2017 * = These are the sites mentioned in the March 14th press release. Helpful Links Rescind Order 04-14-17 Avian Influenza Fact Sheet Official Order Prohibiting Poultry Exhibitions And The Assembling Of Poultry To Be Sold En Espanol Click here from information from The Alabama Department of Public Health Avian Influenza in Alabama - Timeline Click here for the latest AI Timeline Graphic April 14, 2017 ADAI... read more ❯