Premises Identification

The number of animal disease outbreaks around the globe have greatly intensified public health interest in developing a national animal identification program. The first step in implementing an animal identification system is identifying and registering premises that are associated with the animal industry. Knowing where animals are located is the key to efficient, accurate, and cost effective epidemiologic investigations and disease control efforts. A premises is any geographically unique location associated with animal agriculture.

  • Producers will have an account and their premises ID number will be associated with the account.
  • Unique premises identification numbers will be issued to each premises.
  • A producer can have many Premises ID numbers associated with their account.

Most "farm numbers", such as those used by FSA, do not meet the need of a standardized system. A nationally unique number will be assigned to animal premises based on their specific geographic location.

  • Premises Number Allocation - assigns a premises number to a location.
  • Premises Registration System - a database program that stores information about the premises
  • National Premises Information Repository - allows APHIS to associate individual animal identification numbers with a premises.

The Premises Identification Number will stay with the property if the property is sold, but will be associated with the new owner.

  • Premises Identification Registration is voluntary and free of charge for all producers.
  • After producers register their premises, they may participate in animal identification and tracking programs as the program develops.
  • All of the Premises Registration Information is confidential


Frequently Asked Questions - Premises Identification

Can I register more than one location?


Can I register my farm online?

Not at this time, however, this may be an option in the future.  The registration forms are currently available for download.

Does this system require me to individually identify or tag my animal?


How can I register multiple premises?

Fill out an additional premises information form.

How do I get more information?

Premises ID Support:

How do I submit a premises registration form and how do I obtain my Premises ID number?

Mail or Fax a Premises Registration Form to:

Alabama Dept. of Agriculture and Industries
        Attention:  Premises Registration
        1445 Federal Drive
        Montgomery, AL  36107-0336
        Fax:  334-240-7198

You can also Email the form to as well.

When the form is processed, a confirmation letter containing your account number and your premises number will be mailed to you.

How much will it cost?

At this time, there will be no cost for a premises number.

Is this a mandatory program?

At this time, participation in the premises registration is voluntary.

What does “Operation Type” mean on the registration form?
  • Producer Unit/Farm – Farm, Ranch, Flock, Feedlot, Hunting lease, etc.
  • Clinic – Location where animals are treated for disease or injury
  • Exhibition – Animal show or exhibition (i.e. State Fair, National Show, etc.)
  • Laboratory – Location where animal is terminated and carcass is examined
  • Market/Collection Point – Livestock market/auction or collection point where animals are sold
  • Non-producer Participant – Organization that records animal information and has no association with the animals (i.e. DHIA, Veterinarian, etc.)
  • Port of Entry – Location where animals are allowed to enter into the U.S.
  • Quarantine Facility – Location where diseased animals are quarantined
  • Rendering – Location where animals that died at the farm or in transit are processed
  • Slaughter Plant – Location where animals are terminated for consumption
  • Tagging Site – Location where animals are tagged with an official USDA approved ID device.
What is Premises Registration?

A system that designates a unique alphanumeric number to a geographic location where livestock are kept, housed, treated, commingled or exhibited.

What kinds of animals are considered to be livestock for this program?

Cattle, Bison, Swine, Sheep, Goats, Poultry, Equine, Deer, Elk, Llama, Emu.

Why do I need a Recovery Answer?

This will be a hint for you if your password is forgotten when access to your account is made available to you online.

Why do I need a user name and password?

When the system is available online, you will need this information to access your account.